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Wild Horses, premieres this summer at Contemporary American Theatre Festival. This will be the second consecutive year I’ve premiered a play at CATF & I couldn’t be more excited to head back to magical Shepherdstown. If you’ve never been to this sensational festival do it this summer!

Motherland, recently received a “funny, devastating, moving" developmental production at Theatre Lab@FAU, Lou Tyrrell’s inspired new theatre venture in FL. Check it out:

Not Medea, DC Theatre Scene selected the stunning Contemporary American Theatre Festival production as one of the Most Memorable Plays of 2016. Not Medea is getting published and will be available at Playscripts very soon.

My newest project, Darling Boud, Hen, Henderson, Honks, Woomling, love Naunce will receive a workshop and public reading at Amphibian Stage. A portrait of family, love, and war in correspondence that brings the infamous Mitford Sisters to searing, witty life.

Junie B. is Not a Crook, is having a stellar run since it’s premiere last fall — fifteen productions are scheduled through 2017! It was recently published by Playscripts.

Take a look at The National New Play Network website! It’s a hotbed of jazzy new work available/happening around the country.

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