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Not Medea

What if the show you came to see is not the show you need to see? When a working mother escapes to the sanctuary of thetheatre and encounters a play she desperately doesn't want to watch...

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Wild Horses

It’s the 70’s, there’s music and make-outs, and freedom is just out of reach. A savagely-funny play about a threshold summer that forever alters an adolescent girl, as portrayed by her grown-up self.

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A self-made woman does her crafty best to protect her wayward children, keep her food truck business thriving, and impart some kind of moral code in a city battling the War on Poverty...

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uncertain terms

When they divorced, Dani thought she was done with Harry, but unloading the past is complicated. Instead Harry moved in with Dani’s combative mother. Now Mother is gone and the house is on the market...

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On the night she is about to leave her marriage of many years, Elena’s plans are thwarted by technology or fate or God (if her mother had anything to do with it). Now Sam is in a coma...

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Burning Bridget Cleary

Conceived as a language piece, Burning Bridget Cleary is based on events that took place in 1895 Ireland, when the body of a young woman was discovered in a shallow grave near her family’s tenement cottage...

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The Night Garden

Laura, a restless young woman, and her doting father occupy a remote estate deep in the forests of Styria, where neighbors are falling victim to a malevolent plague that no one can identify.

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Fall Off Night

A pitch black comedy that takes place in a shifting urban landscape where Heidi, an ophthalmological photographer, witnesses a disturbing event and fails to intervene. The ensuing evening of chaos, whimsy...

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The Cliffhouse is a unique resort, uncrowded and remote, an ideal place to shed the stress and strain of daily living...and ultimately, of life itself. Three vacationers, strangers until this weekend...

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Plays for Young Audiences

Red Riding Hood

The greatest actor in the world is interrupted when a delivery person arrives with a mysterious package - but the show must go on and the wolf’s gotta eat. Two actors take on all the roles in this furiously fast, funny...

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Go dog. Go!

P.D. Eastman’s classic children’s book comes to life on stage in an exploration of movement, music, color and space. The dogs delve into life with gusto, creating a visual spectacle for the audience to feast...

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Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!

Junie B. Jones is super-excited about the upcoming Holiday Sing-Along and Secret Santa gift exchange at her school. Too bad tattletale May keeps ruining all of Junie B.'s fun...

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Junie B. Jones is Not A Crook

Diving back into the gut-busting world of Junie B. Jones and her friends in a brand new adventure — this time something terrible has happened! And it’s called someone took Junie B’s new black furry mittens!

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Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter

On the night Ronia was born, a thunderstorm raged over the mountain fort where her mother and father and their band of robbers live. Ronia is raised and loved by all of them, but it is in the magic wilds of...

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Peter and the Wolf

"Early one morning, Peter opened the garden gate and walked out into the great, green meadow.” So begins the adventure of Peter, who with his friends Duck, Bird, and Cat, learns just how tempting...

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Judy Moody & Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt

Judy Moody is in a mood, and not a good mood. It’s the first day of school and she didn’t even go anyplace fun for summer. And she’s starting 3rd grade, which means new kids, new desk, a new teacher...

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Even Steven Goes to War

On the night before 10 year-old Even, his parents, and his grandmother move from the house his grandfather built, he meets the intrusive boy who is moving into the house. Despite contentious beginnings, the boys...

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The Bremerton Musicians

The adventure begins when Donny, a donkey too old and broken to be considered useful on the farm, escapes a sure fate and sets out to prove it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. He meets three...

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