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"This play is definitely food for thought and should be watched with a cocktail in hand." -The Hedonist Review

Cast & Synopsis

4 actors (2w/2m)

ClffhouseThe Cliffhouse is a unique resort, uncrowded and remote, an ideal place to shed the stress and strain of daily living...and ultimately, of life itself. Three vacationers, strangers until this weekend, become the pampered guests of Cliff, gracious host and esoteric emissary of the establishment. Under his attentive keep, however, it soon becomes clear that The Cliffhouse is much more than a mere resort: It is the last resort for these guests. As each character struggles for a place at the inn they are forced to consider that"a single moment can contain all dimensions and potentials of time", and that crucial decisions remain "no less now than in the past, no less in the future than now." The Cliffhouse is a chance, their final one, to establish a foothold on life...and everything after. A serous comedy about people on the edge.

Development | Production History

FirstAct commission and development, ACT Theatre
Macha Monkey Productions, Seattle
Macon State College, GA


The making of "Cliffhouse" by Allison Gregory from Macha Monkey on Vimeo.

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