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Even Steven Goes to War

“Even Steven Goes to War,” a heartfelt play about a young boy’s journey through the Vietnam War…a play of profound political and social importance.”. - Daily Sundial

“For such a serious subject, 'Even Steven Goes to War' is surprisingly fantastical.” - L.A. Weekly

Told from the perspective of an imaginative ten year old boy in search of a Grandfather who never returned from the Vietnam War, it manages to be playful and amusing and adventurous, while never losing touch with the seriousness of its topic.” - Aisle Say

“Gregory conveys both the horror and confusion of the messy conflict, without losing sight of the human beings involved.” - Arizona Republic

Cast & Synopsis

9 Actors (6m/3w)

On the night before 10 year-old Even, his parents, and his grandmother move from the house his grandfather built, he meets the intrusive boy who is moving into the house. Despite contentious beginnings, the boys strike-up a friendship and decide to go in search of Even’s grandfather, who’s mysterious disappearance years earlier has never been explained to Even. Their adventures land them in the heart of “the American war”, and the boys learn a new perspective of war, it’s patriots and opponents, and its lasting impact.

Development | Production History

Kennedy Center New Visions/New Voices selection
Seattle Children’s Theatre, reading
Premiered at Childsplay, Inc., Steven Dietz director
Seattle Public Theatre
Cal State Northridge


AATE Award
UPRP Award
Arizona media 'Zoni' Award for Best New Script
Published by Plays for Young Audiences


‘Even Steven Goes to War’ boasts strong acting, important message
Even Steven Goes to War

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