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Night Garden

Cast & Synopsis

8 Actors (5w/3m)

Laura, a restless young woman, and her doting father occupy a remote estate deep in the forests of Styria, where neighbors are falling victim to a malevolent plague that no one can identify. Laura’s life is inextricably altered by the startling arrival of a beguiling young woman, whose mysterious charms run deep. Soon a different kind of affliction invades the estate, from which no one can protect Laura.

The Night Garden was inspired by Carmilla, a short story published in 1872. This was more than twenty years before Bram Stoker penned Dracula, covertly basing his characters on Le Fanu’s, and forever shaping our concept of the undead.

Development | Production History

ACT Theatre (reading)
Seattle Repertory Theatre/Northwest Playwrights
Alliance (reading, directed by Braden Abraham)
Zach Theatre, Austin (reading)

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