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uncertain terms

Uncertain Terms by Allsion Gregory"There is something delightfully dark underneath the aestheticized production…on the surface, the plot putters around a family's negotiating the housing-market crisis, but what the play is really getting into is an examination of the meaning of home, the palpable emotions and visceral memories that reside in a house."
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"The world premiere production of Allison Gregory's funny, poignant, soaring script, which packs emotional nuance and relatable themes.”

"uncertain terms forces the audience to both acknowledge the merit of Gregory's work and also examine our own lives—which is, of course, the aspiration of all great art. And, with complete certainty, uncertain terms achieves just that."
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"The set-up does not begin to capture the daffy humor and overall compassion that playwright Gregory imbues in the ensuing clashes. Few plays these days attempt to create that mad cap sentiment that characterized film comedies of the 30s and 40s, or the stage plays that celebrated eccentrics like Harvey or You Can’t Take It With You. Louis Tyrrell and company have done well by Gregory’s zany yet benevolent vision."
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“Sometimes mystifying but always interesting…Allison Gregory has created characters about whom we care. Nice, nice stuff.”
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"There is something delightfully dark underneath "Uncertain Terms”.

“Flowing throughout the play are fine little textural shifts, from emotional shadings to turn-on-a-dime flashbacks. That, too, is a marvel to watch”.
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Cast & Synopsis

6 characters (4 female, 2 male)

uncertain termsUnloading the past is complicated. When they divorced, Dani thought she was done with Harry. Instead Harry moved in with Dani’s combative mother. Now Mother is dead and the house is finally on the market—but Harry won’t leave, and the house is full of strangers with secrets and snickerdoodles. A knotty comedy about selling real estate in a down market.


Development | Production History

*Schedule to premiere at Arts Garage, March 2015, Louis Tyrrell director.
The White House Project, Austin (workshop)
Hedgebrook Women Playwright Festival (reading, Liz Engelman dramaturg)
ACT Theatre (reading)
Seattle Repertory Theatre/Northwest Playwrights Alliance (reading, Courtney Sale director)
Theatre at Arts Garage (Delray Beach, FL), premiere


uncertain terms was included in The Kilroy’s “The List, the 2014 “industry survey of excellent new plays by female-identified playwrights”.
Florida ‘Carbonell’ Award nomination for Best New Play.

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