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Wild Horses

"The storytelling is powerful and vivid. Gregory's words ...paint an almost movie-like scene before you... This show reminds us that we each have our own past and hidden within are the universal truths of growing up." Read on >>

"Gregory’s work is a masterpiece of adolescent disobedience and awkward teenage interactions that is sure to elicit both raucous laughter and groans of discomfort…" Read on >>

"Allison Gregory's WILD HORSES is a wickedly funny examination of the heady early teenage years. It is a stunning one woman monologue about the struggle for identity, independence and authenticity. What is remarkable about Allison Gregory's riveting tale is the universality of the story. WILD HORSES is a brilliantly constructed and highly engaging tale...’
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"This heady mix presents its own combination of wonder and danger, a novel's worth of content shrunk to the size of a play, and presented through a single performer…at the end of the show we do not want to let go of the acquaintance of this sprightly, adventurous, and incredibly true-to-life adolescent and her associates.’
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'What they plan to do is, of course, dangerous, something any grownup would realize at once. But Gregory doesn't allow us the luxury of an adult filter here. Her narrator isn't relating her experience so much as reliving it, and we're swept along with her… The result is so strong that when you step out of the Pony Shed, it feels like being released from the pen to run wild into the night.’
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'By the end of the show, you’ll feel like you’ve just met the most interesting person: she came into your life for an instant and then disappeared, and you’re left wondering what she’s up to now.'
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 ‘At times heartbreaking and unremittingly hilarious…’
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'The setting helps set the table, as it were, for this funny, entertaining and often wise theater piece. Allison Gregory’s drama closely follows the ancient tradition that a poem or work of art both “delight and instruct,” and it succeeds on both accounts, particularly in the former.'
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Cast & Synopsis

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It’s the 70’s, there’s music and make-outs, and freedom is just out of reach. A savagely-funny play about a threshold summer that forever alters an adolescent girl, as portrayed by her grown-up self. Complex and timeless, this is a coming-of-age story for all generations. The pathos and hubris of teenage years, the struggle for identity, independence, and authenticity, and the desire to find your place in a complicated world — it all come rushing at us as she takes us on the ride of her life.

Development | Production History

Development/Production History 2017 NNPN Rolling World Premiere
Contemporary American Theatre Festival
CenterStage at JCC
The Vortex
New Jersey Repertory Company
ACT Theatre (reading)
New Harmony Project (reading)
Merrimack Repertory Theatre
Intiman Theatre


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